Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements


Ultrasonic thickness measurements is part of the whole process during Class Renewal. We work in one team together with our customers and the Class.
There is a range of our possibilities in UTM:

  • UTM for Class Surveys on all  types of ships, including vessels assigned with ESP additional notation
  • UTM for ship owner's survey
  • UTM for CAP (Condition Assessment Program) surveys

The outcome of UTM is the report. All measurements are reported according to the lates Class rules. Only when the report is approved by Class UTM works are completed.


Reports from measurements are executed in electronic and paper version, according to the outlines of a particular Classification Society, in a clear form including sketches.
Steel calculations might be required after completion of a steel inspection survey. Report will content all relevant information of the items for renewal; this includes the location, dimensions, weight, steel grade, thickness, etc.
All items due for renewal will be accompanied with a drawing showing the location of the area to be renewed and, if necessary, a detailed drawing of the item.
Some our samples of sketches and steel calculations are presented on the next pages.