Hull Continuous Supervision

Continuous supervision over technical condition of ship's hull is long and thorough process with a number of steps and procedures:

  • Keeping technical database of the ship
  • Continuous monitoring and assessing condition of paint coating over the whole ship
  • Arranging location of points for hull thickness measurements, as well as rationalization of a range of thickness measurements
  • Ultrasonic detection of defects with accompanying analysis of thickness measurements
  • Localization and identification of possible failures, assessment of their potential impact to structural safety, as well as proposals of practical ways of repairing the failures
  • Analysis of technical condition of hull repair structure (determination of critical zones of the structure)
  • Planning the range of hull repair work harmonized with ship operation schedule
  • Elaboration of engineering processes and documentation of repair work
  • Supervision over running repair operations in a shipyard
  • Assessment of costs and labour consumption of repair operations
  • Guidelines for hull inspection to be carried out by ship’s crew itself