Harbort Klaipeda is an independent company with its own traditions and history. Established in the year 2007 the company had several shareholders in Lithuania and Estonia. For a couple of years Harbort Klaipeda was a member of Harbort Group with companies from Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark.
But now due to the service diversification Harbort Klaipeda is absolutely independent company with the main aim to deliver superior services to the customers.
Harbort Klaipeda can provide the inspections worldwide, under every condition either in voyage, or during repair works in shipyard or ship staying in port. Company provides a range of services for all ships' typer - from a small fishing ships or tugs to tankers and bulk carriers of "aframax" size.
The company and skilled personal has a lot of experience working with special-purpose fleet such as semi-submersible lay barges, semi-submersible pipelay vessels, PSV, AHTS, ERRV and subsea support vessels.
Since 2013 Harbort Klaipeda has a subsidiary company Steelmeta. The purpose of this company is to expand the markets where services and inspections are completed.
Harbort Klaipeda team has its mission and vision but firstly it has the purpose to hear and to listen customers and do the best to satisfy customers.
We are ready to help all the time with the maximum efforts.

Harbort Klaipeda - At any time! At highest level!


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